Social Media and the Cosmetics Industry

For the final project for my writing for public relations class, the awesome class that has me blogging, we are required to create a social media campaign.  In a previous post I touched on what a great tool social media can be, but how it doesn’t always work for everyone.  I am hoping that I chose the right product from the right company because I am determined to make my campaign a successful one (and hopefully get an A of course).

I have decided to produce a campaign for Meow Cosmetics, a boutique style mineral make-up company that nobody really knows about.  Beauty and cosmetics is an industry that I think could actually benefit from social media.  Social media provides a good basis for sharing, and I think consumers shopping in the cosmetics industry would benefit a great deal from sharing with each other.  For example, getting feedback from friends, or even complete strangers, about the right colors or shades from an online forum would probably be incredibly useful to them.

I have been thinking about the perfect social media tools for my campaign.  I think utilizing  YouTube would make sense.  YouTube makes it incredibly easy to upload a video and provide a visual basis for the consumer.  Additionally, I have been playing with the idea of creating a new social network based on my company’s website.  Don’t worry, I’m not trying to compete with Facebook.  I just want to build a helpful network that will keep consumers coming back.

I am thinking that it needs to include an area for thread-like activity so that consumers can exchange feedback, perhaps a color/shade comparison digital platform?  Maybe a cool game-like setup?  My mind is going wild right now.  I’m very excited about this campaign.  It involves the beauty and cosmetics industry which I actually have an interest in, and social media which at this point is an area where I can always use more practice (it’s what’s “in” afterall).

I have sketched out a few ideas but I think I could dig deeper.  I have finals this week, and I wish I had more time to dedicate to this campaign (I’ve had to produce a lot of campaigns this semester and this one is one of the fun ones).  Either way I’m excited to get to work.

If anyone has any cool ideas for a unique social media campaign in the cosmetics industry that will earn me a good grade in my public relations class, let me know. 🙂

Meow Cosmetics