Use your Facebook profile for something better than stalking…get a job!

A couple months ago I wrote about LinkedIn and how I wasn’t sure about its job networking abilities, so some might be surprised that I deem Facebook to be a better job resource guide for public relations and communication professionals in general.  I know, shocking.  Let me explain myself.  On LinkedIn you are nothing but a resume.  You are a piece of paper with all your job related qualities listed.  Except for a tiny picture and a line stating your interests and activities there is nothing truly human about LinkedIn.  Plus, if you try to connect with someone it’s possible that they will assume that all you’re trying to do is get a job out of them.  What I am saying is that if you are truly interested in the work of a colleague they might not know that by simply connecting with them on LinkedIn, in fact, you might even be labeled a “job-digger” and have your LinkedIn resume tossed in with all the rest.

Obviously, this is just a reflection of my thoughts, and there is actually a reason why I think Facebook would be more helpful, especially if you are trying to connect with a specific person.  In my opinion, if you know how to use it correctly, Facebook could actually work in your favor during your job search.  Companies don’t want robots.  They want real people with real personalities and you can use Facebook to let your personality shine.  Evidently, you will want to clean up your profile a little bit, but all those pictures really aren’t that bad.  I think companies know that we are a generation that likes to have fun.  We are a live bunch that will make the office a fun place to work.  Ideally,  you should have a decent resume that you would have sent them so that you aren’t automatically written off as no-good party animal simply from your Facebook.  Show them that sure, you can play hard, but you can also work hard.  Make them want you.  Show them you are a well-rounded person.  Facebook is good in that it lets you showcase your talents in a variety of ways.  You can list your endless interests and activities and you can even showcase pictures of your well-rounded activities, and  to top things off you can list your job history.  Facebook also lets  you join career-oriented groups so that you get tips on great job openings from people from all around the world.

Additionally, just how Facebook helps you connect with old friends, it can help you connect with old colleagues with out it being awkward.  Facebook reflects our lives (or in some cases what we portray as our lives), and it allows us to be connected with friends constantly.  So if you’re forced to leave a job don’t delete your colleagues from your Facebook or limit them to what they can see, instead use your profile to keep in touch effortlessly and naturally with ex-coworkers.  Wish them a Happy Birthday, Merry Christmas, etc. Keep the friendship alive so that when you find yourself in need they can let you in on any open positions, (or gossip).  I’m not suggesting that you to use people, I’m just telling you to stay connected and not burn any bridges.  Everyone has a Facebook these days, so staying connected shouldn’t be too hard.

Bottom line: Don’t be too worried about keeping your profile totally and completely private or squeaky clean.  We are human after all, and I think companies now a days could use our fun-loving spirit a little bit, especially in this economy.