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Chicago dresses in pink

I have always been a fan of the arts.  All of them.  At one time I wanted to be an actress, singer, dancer, painter  (I still do, secretly) but later on as I really started to uncover my interests I realized that I had a keen interest in design.  I was mainly interested in fashion and graphic design.   When I discovered that I couldn’t draw, however, I decided that fashion design was not the way to go.  At that moment I decided to learn the art of graphic design, so I minored in visual communications.

Graphic Design courses have definitely been some of my favorites.  Graphic design allows me to center my creativity and create anything I want using bright colors, wild shapes, and a daring imagination.  I enjoy it very very much, and there is so much that one can do with graphic design that I feel like I’m just getting started.  Check out the different projects I’ve worked on so far below:

By the way, I’m still very interested in fashion, but now I am more interested in the style factor of it.  I live for beautiful well-thought out outfit pairings, pieces and accessories.  I hope to start a blog about this very soon…

UPDATE: finally started that fashion blog. Check it out

My International City Landscape (landmarks from cities I've visited and loved)

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