Who Am I

Elsie Ayala, a smart ambitious senior at Loyola University Chicago, is hard to pin down.  When she is not working 30 grueling unpaid hours a week at The San Jose Group, you may be able to find her somewhere on Loyola’s Water Tower campus.  Although, she probably won’t have much time to waste as she is busy trying to finish her student career as an advertising and public relations major with minors in marketing and visual communications.  If Elsie is not at work or at school she might be in her Buena Park apartment, most likely catching up on homework, or at her parent’s house in Round Lake, IL, on her way out the door to go to her second job as a new customer specialist for Orkin Pest Control.

Although Elsie is non-stop now, Ms. Ayala has not always been this busy.  She started life in the beautiful southern California city of San Marcos.  Like most Californians, Elsie spent much of her childhood lounging around soaking in the sun.  Due to the close proximity, Elsie was able to make frequent trips to visit her family in Mexico.  Of course, all good things must come to an end.  At the age of 16 Elsie and her family moved to the suburbs of Chicago, where Elsie began her career at Orkin.  After graduating from high school a semester early, Elsie spent a semester working full time before moving to the city to attend Loyola.  Her Loyola career has been filled with exciting learning experiences.  Elsie spent a semester in Rome and has interned with both Ruder Finn Public Relations and WGN-TV.

Elsie hopes to use her experience to land a great job after graduation.  She is excited about the possibility of working in all and any realms of the communications world.  After she gains as much experience as she possibly can, Elsie plans on starting her own firm, E&K Communications with longtime friend Kelly Feehan.  After retiring from her position as CEO of the Firm, Elsie plans on spending her golden years traveling the globe.

-This bio was written by fellow ad/pr major and friend Kelly Feehan for our Writing for PR course


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