Courses that matter

Over the past several years I have sat in classes where I found myself wondering…why am I here? When will I use this?  Why does this even matter? While I am sure that at some point in my life, I will find myself being thankful for some of those courses, for now all I can say is that it is incredibly refreshing when I find myself enrolled in a course that actually matters.

As part of my advertising/public relations core I am required to take a public service class.  In my public service class this semester we have been assigned to work with a pro-bono client to develop a full service campaign from beginning to end.  I am so thankful for this assignment, because it is the first campaign that has actually been real.

Youth Outreach Services, a non-profit organization in Chicago, is getting help from my class to create several campaigns to recruit 150 mentors for their mentor program.  They will then take the best campaign, or pieces of the ones they like and actually make them happen.  In my previous advertising and public relations classes we have created parts of campaigns, or campaigns for products that don’t exist.  I understand that those have been good practice, but this public service campaign seems to matter a little bit more because I know that the person getting it could actually put it to work.  It has been a lot of work, but my group and I have monitored every single detail.  Everything from the research to the execution of the artwork has been real.  Even the presentation was real.  Our client came in and listened to us as we pitched our ideas.  For once we were put on the spot with a real client.  It was super scary but very appreciated.

I wish Loyola offered more courses like this.  I know that it is difficult because we first have to learn the basics, but I feel like this time I was motivated to work even harder on this campaign because there is a chance that it will actually be implemented.


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