Maybe I should consider blogging as a career…

So here’s the truth: I am not a “real blogger,” I’m not doing this because I care so much about the world of public relations that I find the need to share my thoughts with the rest of the world.  I am doing this because I am taking a Public Relations Writing course this semester and my professor considers it good practice to keep a blog.  I am basically writing this blog for a grade.  Don’t misunderstand me, I mean, yes I care about the public relations industry and that is why I am considering it as a career, but I guess I just don’t consider myself worthy enough to have a blog yet because I just don’t think of myself as an expert…and usually bloggers are experts right?  Well they are definitely something because according to this article on VentureBeat the average revenue for a full-time blogger is $122,222.  Now that is what I call crazy.  How is it that newspapers around the country are crashing down and bloggers are making a six figure income?  I just don’t understand.  On second-thought, maybe I should look into blogging as a full-time career.  I guess I would have never thought about writing a blog if it had not been assigned to me, so maybe I should thank my professor as he is pointing us in the direction of a super affluent income.  Or is he?  It looks like part-timers will only average about $14,777 which really is not all that much.  So in order to make the big bucks I would have to become super popular, and then go around giving speeches, and selling competitive ad space.  It looks like in order to really make some money you have to commit yourself 100%.  I’m not sure if I am ready for that.  I guess I will determine whether I want to become a die-hard blogger or not at the end of the semester when I get my grade.  Until then tell me, what are your thoughts?  How much are you bloggers making out there?


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