The Wonderful World of Flickr…and PR

In this world of the social media obsessed there is no way that photos could stay behind, and they clearly didn’t as they now have their own social network on Flickr.  Flickr allows different people to post pictures based on a category (like cuisine, marriage, dogs, etc) or on a location, or based on different interest groups.  There are plenty of both expert and amateur photographers showing off their wonderful work for the world to see.  You can purchase a plan which will allow you to keep your pictures forever on the site and let you post an unlimited amount of photos and video but if you opt to not purchase the plan you still get the chance to show off 200 of your latest pictures and 2 videos per month.

There are many reasons to go Pro since you can do lots of stuff on Flickr.  You can edit pictures, create business cards, greeting cards, and calendars amongst other projects and it’s easy to upload pictures in several different ways, including straight from your email.  The main point however, is that just like any other social network it’s all about sharing and connecting.  Now how exactly does this fit in with PR?  Flickr allows companies to show their products or work to the world.

For instance if a company wants to generate attention before they even put out a product they can post pictures and get people excited.  This would work great with a company that makes visual products because it would be hard to show off an intangible good (although some may argue otherwise).  But if a company has a really great product Flickr can be a great visual platform that will help generate buzz.  The best part is that it won’t be too hard for people to find it as you can post pictures and easily link them to the product category so that the aficionados can easily find them and continue sharing with other people.

The world of social media is great, especially if  you know how to take advantage of it and Flickr is a great tool for companies to share their efforts without breaking the bank.



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