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I do not know of anybody who has actually found a job using LinkedIn.  It could just be that I just don’t know the right people or that I am not taking it seriously.  Maybe I just don’t believe in it.  I get the gist of it: you sign up, post your job history and a cute (tiny) picture and essentially hope that somebody finds it.  It’s a good idea especially if you know the right people because they can introduce you to other people, but regardless, I find it a little weird.  What happened to meeting people face to face?  If they don’t know you how are they supposed to give you a job just because somebody told them they should.

I guess I just feel like too many things could go wrong.  For instance, what if you are a horrible employee who happens to know somebody who knows somebody looking to hire.  What if you ask them to introduce you and by some miraculous reason you get the job but you do an awful job.  This doesn’t really make the person who introduced you look too good and they probably just killed their chances to get hired by the person who hired you if they’re ever looking for a job.  And all this because they just happened to be connected to you on LinkedIn.  I guess I just don’t get why people are connecting you to other people without even recognizing the quality of your work.   Call me old fashioned but I’m only connecting people who I know can do a good job.


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  1. Scott
    Nov 30, 2009 @ 23:36:19

    I’ll try and make this brief…but i think you’re looking at LinkedIn the wrong way.

    In my opinion…the point of LinkedIn, or at least the way I use it is to expand your network of contacts and enhance your personal brand. Just like Twitter, or Facebook, I use it to meet new people I would never have had a chance to without it. But unlike the other social networks…it’s strictly business related and targeted to my field and interests.

    If all you’re doing is “signing up, posting your job history and a cute (tiny) picture and essentially hope that somebody finds it” you might as well save yourself the time and not sign up.

    LinkedIn will not get you a job…but it can be a great tool to get your foot in the door for getting a resume in front of someone and can be great for meeting new contacts.

    Your goal of LinkedIn should be to make real connections and create value.

    Here’s a quick list of ways you can use:
    1. Locate local events to go and network: Find new events related to a field you’re interested in and meet folks face to face. Then reconnect on LinkedIn.
    2. Answer Questions that people ask. When an employer looks at your profile…viewing some of your answers provides an insight a resume cannot achieve.
    3. Join local and target groups. Post relevant info in those groups and gain new connections to the industry and location you’re searching for. This also gets you reading about what’s happening in your industry and can make for great interview conversation.
    4. Locate new job postings: Often people post job openings on LinkedIn before expensive job search sites.
    5. Your Name Stays Fresh: If a contact constantly sees your name with lots of activities across multiple networks they are more likely to respond to your emails, questions, and possibly help.

    An active account from someone who understands the network shows initiative and interest in their field. You need anything you can get to stand out from your peers. This is one tool in your belt.

    I can go for days but that’s my two cents. Feel free to connect with me if you so desire.

    Good Luck,



    • Elsie
      Dec 03, 2009 @ 03:41:53


      Thank you so much for your post. You gave me a new perspective and some fresh ideas I definitely hadn’t thought about. Perhaps I will reconsider…


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