As if the world wasn’t creepy enough…

….Well, now we have Twitter, so if you were having trouble stalking that hottie you met last night at the bar, well your world just got easier.  Well, that’s if they’re on Twitter, because it seems that people will either embrace Twitter all the way and tweet their status every five seconds or they will hate it with a passion and think that you are the stupidest person in the world.

Twitter is like the home to facebook statuses.  It allows you to update your status from the Twitter site, directly from your cell phone or you can even combine your facebook and twitter statuses.  Twittering is a recent trend, but at least between my friends and I it doesn’t seem to have caught on yet.  So who exactly tweets?  Apparently everyone.  It seems everyone from ExxonMobile to Britney Spears have a twitter account.  Twitter is meant to be an easy way to keep everyone updated.  Constantly.  Which means if you were out last night, and met somebody new you can probably look them up on Twitter and follow every single thing they have been doing since last night.  And, you might end up reading something about you (or your actions).  But is this really what we need?  We have a lot of active restraining orders in America from all the creepers that just can’t stay away.  Is it possible that with this new trend we are going to create a new type of stalker?  I think so.  We are a curious society.  We like to look and judge and copy, and Twitter will now make our lives a lot easier.  We already have facebook, but people tend to get lazy about updating their statuses but now we have a network exclusively for status updates, which means you will be logging in with the sole purpose of letting the world know exactly what you are doing.

Recently I created an account, but I am used to updating my status on facebook.  I do it enough so that I keep people informed, but I don’t do it enough to become obnoxious.  I have discovered a few things. One, I am a lazy person and don’t keep up with Twitter since I already update on facebook, and two, I do not have enough followers on Twitter, or at least the people I want to stalk aren’t up there yet which takes the fun out of twittering.  For now I think I’ll stick to facebook, but when that hottie I met last night at the bar gets an account, I will probably revisit it regularly.



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  1. prstudent1234
    Oct 07, 2009 @ 00:45:39

    Elsie, I agree with you! Everyone seems to have gone “tweet” crazy. Personally, I think it is amazing how naive people are about who they are receiving “tweets” from. People just let anyone follow them! Not only does it seem a little strange for people to use Twitter on a personal basis to tell friends they are going about their regular, boring lives, it is also frustrating for me that people “follow” celebrities and corporations and fully believe they are receiving unbiased (in the case of the corporation) and 100% truthful information (in the case of the celebrity).

    I too have created a Twitter though for class. What were your motives in creating a Twitter account!?


    • elsieayala
      Oct 07, 2009 @ 01:41:34

      I created a twitter account because I was hearing so much about it that I finally decided to find out for myself what everyone was talking about. I find it really hard to keep up with it though. I’m doing so much throughout the day that I don’t have enough time to update. I think it seems like a cool concept but like I said, for now I’m good with facebook.


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